Cui Servire est Regnare

Students will study The Declaration of Independence, the greatest document in the history of the universe, bar none, and how and why the U.S. Constitution is its magnificent and enduring offspring. Students will come to know and love the wisdom and impact of these astounding achievements.

Respect and personal responsibility are the cornerstone of any successful society, and they must be taken seriously. Our Quaker grandmother taught us “Doing well by doing good,” genuine kindness and generosity, given with sincerity, was one of the keys to a rewarding life.


This spirit of service, noblesse oblige, will be a large part of our mission, and will extend beyond our family to our neighborhood and city (there will be mandatory community service), and to our great nation too. A serious education should also promote serious citizenship, and to us this is always summed up in the famous motto: Duty. Honor. Country.


Let’s just not forget to have some fun along the way–education’s an eternal, audacious adventure of discovery, full of wonders, fulfillment and freedom.


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Donations are always welcome.

Have a beautiful old boat or classic vintage car that you know by now you're never going to get to, but still want to see someone young and gung-ho sailing on the main, or flying hell-bent down the highway, happy?


What about a lifetime of skill and experience, an honest career of honed craftsmanship and passion you'd like to share, pass on to another generation, eager and patient for the knowledge that only you can give?


We welcome anything you'd like to contribute that will help us offer a more rounded, unbounded, wonderful-worldly experience to our students and the community we've created.

We're eternally grateful for all the support and kindness we've received so far–The Academy wouldn't be here without your generosity and largesse. To be good stewards of this responsibility and trust, we work hard every day to pay this kindness and hard-won wisdom forward, in imaginative and meaningful ways.

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