Introducing The Official "Old's Cool" Podcast

We've got a lot of wonderful minds all around us, full of wisdom and experience, and hungry to share, so we've teamed up with  Mariner Gallery to bring some of this genius to light.


The  "Old's Cool" podcast is a weekly half-hour show-and-tell where we'll tackle some of the most important topics of the past, and the gnarly and divisive present, and come to some sort of consensus on the right lessons that need to be learned and the best way forward for us all into the wild world, with our head held high.


We'll also explore traditional (and non-traditional) lifestyles and crafts, and speak with the many (and mostly local) artists, disrupters, iconoclasts and recalcitrants who are fighting the good fight, with as much finesse and value-add as we can. While looking classy and having wicked fun the whole time of course. 


Seriously, our inaugural podcast, which we kicked off the whole adventure with last week, stars one of our West Point classmates, Mike Lerario, who fills in the backstory to the slogan "Patton Was Right" which is his admonition about us fighting the wrong enemy. And we discuss why the General hit the nail on the head back then, and is now vindicated by the way the world has been hammered into submissiveness ever since.


Our second podcast was with Donald Osborne, bon vivant extraordinaire and CEO of Audrain Motor Group. The discussion ran from beauty, to truth, to opera, with a couple of short trips down memory lane to New York and Fall River, and how we finally ended up figuring out the best way to cross the road. 

Stay tuned for something just as practical and fascinating next week, and week in and week out, hopefully!


We'll delve into topics that illuminate and inspire and try to understand how imagination and feelings/ intent  unfortunately trumps skill and craft, especially in the immediacy and unforgivingness of today's fast-paced world. And why we need to slow down and re-assess our principles and priorites. And get back to basics.


How "Modern art has become completely literary: the paintings and other works exist only to illustrate the text."  And why we need to get back to craft and process and discernment.

How "comparisons are odious" as Shakespeare is often quoted, but why the crucial qualifier "...but they are necessary" is almost always left out. In short, we have to be intellectually honest and try to get back to the sometimes cruel but always crucial, beautiful truth with some style and grace. And wit! 

Old's Cool Podcast #5 – "Working Joyfully." – Ilse Nesbit
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Old's Cool Podcast #5 – "Working joyfully." – Ilse Nesbit

The Third and Elm Press, owned and operated by my friend Ilse Nesbitt, had an “Open” sign hanging in the window when I walked by later that afternoon to go to Battery Park to watch the sunset, so I popped in. The shop is so old school and intact you’d think you stepped over the threshold back into 1960. The motto is a quote from Goethe:

“Whoever works joyfully and enjoys what has been done is fortunate.”


Old's Cool Podcast #3 – "The Craft of Art." – Rupert Nesbit

As promised, something just as abstract and practical as last week: we spoke with local artist Rupert Nesbit about modern art, and how imagination and feelings/ intent unfortunately trumps skill and craft and just about everything else these days – "Modern art has become completely literary: the paintings and other works exist only to illustrate the text."