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The City by the Sea

We first moved to Newport in 1980, and after a hiatus of nearly forty years, have returned to this jewel of a place to plant our flag, litereally and figuratively. In our opinion it's the perfect mix of blue collar, white collar, and popped collar. Just kidding!


Newport is a special place, not least of all because of its picturesque harbor, historical colonial-American and gilded-age architecture. It hosts any number of world-class activities, especially sailing throughout the year. It also includesof the best automobile concours in America (in our opinion), The International Tennis Hall of Fame, and one of the oldest polo teams in the country. A renown Vineyard that produces award-winning wine, and a hometown baseball team that plays in their original stadium, built in 1908 and named after local WW I hero, Bernardo Cardines, give this harbor haven a unique local flavor.


We love this city, and hope that the Old's Cool Academy gives as much back to this wonderful place as it's already given us.



"I always loved the wind because you can't buy it."

– Gianni Agnelli

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